My name is Chris and I’ve been on an adventure! I'd spent my entire adult life doing the “normal” work thing, and I was ready to do something a little crazy.

What's crazy, you ask? Crazy was selling my house, quitting my job, and going on the road for 18 months  to explore our great country! I didn't quite make it 2 years like I'd planned, but I still had quite an adventure. I visited all of the lower 48 states (no Alaska or Hawaii yet), and a bit of Canada along the way.

I met some wonderful people, learned new things, saw beautiful and unusual things, and most of all grew!  Oh, and I adopted a dog along the way too. 🙂 I'm now at the end of my trip and am returning to the "normal" work thing for now. But I'll still be writing as I transition from the road back to reality. So keep an eye on this page!