My name is Chris and I’m on an adventure! I’ve spent my entire adult life doing the “normal” work thing, and now I’m ready to do something a little crazy.

What’s crazy, you ask? Crazy is selling my house, quitting my job, and going on the road for 2 years to explore our great country! I’ll be visiting all 50 states (minus the trailer in Hawaii, of course), and a bit of Canada along the way.

I hope to meet people, learn new things, see beautiful and unusual things, and most of all grow! What I’ll do at the end of my trip is anyone’s guess. I may return to the “normal” work thing, or I may stay on the road. Finding out will be part of the fun.

I officially started my trip on June 24th. Check out my latest posts for more!

You can also visit me on Facebook. As I plan my trip, I’ll be looking for suggestions on things to see, places to go, and what crazy and unusual sights I shouldn’t miss in each state.